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Justinmind Customer - Boris de Ruyter from Philips Research

How Philips is revolutionising healthcare one concept at a time with Justinmind

How prototyping with Justinmind helps Boris de Ruyter demonstrate innovative concepts at Philips Research

SEI prototyping medicare and medicaid

How SEI changes the future of healthcare with Justinmind

How SEI  prototypes the essence of new products for Medicare, helping clients to secure government approval

Virtina case study with Justinmind

How Virtina’s engineering and prototyping helps businesses to win

Virtina uses Justinmind to bring classic software developement to the ecommerce game – see how they do it

Justinmind customer Bill Rollinson from Surfit Locker

Matchmaking surfers to their dream board with Justinmind

How SURFIT’s founder Bill Rollinson used Justinmind to design a mobile app for surfboard rental

Justinmind customer Markku Lukkarinen from Tieto

Tieto makes the digital world a better place, with Justinmind

One of Europe’s largest IT companies reveals how Justinmind helps them prototype websites and apps

Justinmind customer Jack Bellis from Elsevier

Revolutionizing design at Elsevier, one of the world's biggest science analytics companies

The story of how interactive prototyping created mobile apps that changed the way doctors deal with patients

Justinmind customer Emilio Gonzalez from Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards takes electronic skateboards to the next level with Justinmind

Interactive prototyping bumps up the UX design process at electric skateboard company Boosted Boards

Justinmind customer Temple University

Temple University inspires the next generation of designers

Philadelphia’s Temple University bridges the gap between design and business with a little help from Justinmind

Justinmind customer Terry Chou

How middle schoolers are designing mobile apps with Justinmind

What happens when middle schoolers build mockups with Justinmind? A whole heap of innovation

Justinmind customer Cyrus Khambatta from MangoMan

How MangoMan is making life better for Bay Area diabetics

Designing a mobile app prototype for diabetics was a synch for MangoMan with Justinmind prototyping tool

Justinmind customer Javier Lianes

Re-imagining the future of e-readers with Justinmind

UX Designer Javier Lianes is exceeding user expectations with his redesign of the Amazon Kindle UI

Justinmind customer Siraj Salim from Ampersand and Ampersand

How Justinmind helps Ampersand & Ampersand communicate

Creating outstanding digital experiences across web, tablet, mobile and native apps that look as real as they feel

Justinmind customer Tim Gagnon from SEI

How SEI uses Justinmind to boost blue-sky thinking

SEI used Justinmind to help its client develop a mobile access app for lounges at the US Open.

derek foster with university of lincoln - prototyping with justinmind

Mobile app development: prototyping at the University of Lincoln

How students at the University of Lincoln used Justinmind to develop mobile apps with great user experience

prototyping with justinmind at atrybox

ATryBox: designing the smart user testing marketplace with Justinmind

How founder Anastasia launched ATryBox by placing prototyping at the forefront of their internal development process

Justinmind customer Evan Krauss from Deets

How Deets is bringing innovation to mobile apps with Justinmind

Intuitive, mobile-first prototyping with Justinmind helps Deets design the easiest way to share contact information

Justinmind customer Lee Wells from Paycor

Designing smarter at Paycor with Justinmind

How prototyping with Justinmind helps a Windows UX Designer design interactive products for web and mobile

Justinmind customer Corey Anand from West Agile Labs

The future of design & prototyping at West Agile Labs

How prototyping helps Product Manager Corey Anand transform ideas into innovative digital solutions

Justinmind customer Long Pan from Endicia

How Justinmind helps Endicia stay at the cutting edge of shipping

Endicia is busy creating innovative logistics solutions with Justinmind’s responsive prototyping powers

Justinmind customer Kurt Stangl

Building the driverless car future with Justinmind

How one company is transforming the internet of vehicles with prototypes that reimagine how we drive

Justinmind customer Boris Iglesias from Hockeystick

How Justinmind is making Hockeystick's Fintech platform user-friendly

Talking smart use case scenarios, UX deliverables and interactive prototypes with Hockeystick’s Product Manager

reymi on changing ecommerce using justinmind for prototyping

Changing ecommerce in the Dominican Republic with prototyping

Reymi is a designer on a mission to change ecommerce in the D.R. using Justinmind for high-fidelity prototypes

zac parker on using justinmind prototyping for blockchain

Using Justinmind to transform blockchain with interactive prototyping

How one product designer is bringing blockchain to the masses using interactive prototyping

wouter on prototyping with justinmind

Why prototyping is a vital step in the design process

Two designers share how to prioritize and manage requirements, and bring life to your prototypes with Justinmind

collaborative prototyping with justinmind with nora manapova

Prototyping collaboration with UX Architect Nora Filon Manapova

Prototyping to keep things simple and improve collaboration with teams and clients with UX Architect Nora Manapova

Ben Melchionno on Justinmind and lean methodology

Prototyping & lean methodology: Ben Melchionno on Justinmind

Integrating prototyping and food, Ben Melchionno shows us how he uses Justinmind as his primary prototyping tool

Making elections fairer with voting organization Scytl & Justinmind

Prototyping and UX Design at iPipeline: a SaaS solutions success story

Read iPipeline’s, Maggie Paparella’s prototyping experience with big interactions and user-friendly testing

Justinmind customer Charles Diggs from TokBox

How TokBox solved rework problems with Justinmind

TokBox’s web and mobile app prototyping better since Interaction Designer Charles Diggs found the right prototyping tool

Making elections fairer with voting organization Scytl & Justinmind

Making elections fairer with voting organization Scytl & Justinmind

From product ideation to execution, Justinmind helps optimize the user experience across web and mobile

EU Horizon Research and Innovation Programme - funding

UI Design for Virtual and Augmented Reality projects

We at Justinmind are proud to announce the development of Justinmind XR, thanks to the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Programme!

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