Design systems

Design Systems

Maintain consistent design and create your own components. Synchronize teams and projects!

Create consistent products with design systems

Keep your design consistent

Create your design systems with all the freedom our libraries offer. Keep your product design consistent across all your team, knowing every last detail will be perfect. Reliable, systematic and free of mistakes!

manage colors with design systems

Maintain control over the colors that everybody uses on the design.

manage text styles with design systems
Text styles

The right font size and style for everything from headers to regular texts.

guarantee access to assets with design systems

Ensure full access to the right images and icons, all up-to-date.

Create design systems with interactive ui components

Create your own interactive UI components

Create your own static or interactive UI components and add them to your Design System library. The beauty is that your libraries can be easily shared with your teams, giving everyone access to the building blocks of your designs and prototypes.

keep all assets synchronized with a design system

Teams and projects synchronized

Update and modify the design system, with changes being instantly synchronized. Keep your project updated and make sure that all teams that participate in the design have the latest version.

generate and export your design system

Generate and share a Design System preview

When you’ve created your design system, you can automatically generate a project with the complete structure and details. This allows you to display a preview and share it with everyone in your teams, from UXers to developers.

Keep your team synchronized and your designs consistent

Try your hand at design systems for free!

More design features you’ll love

design vector assets
Vector design

Create icons and assets from scratch with the visual design features you already know and love.

create and use layout templates in design system
Smart templates

Set the basic structure of the layout and your styles of the elements in a specific project.

enjoys masters with component groups in design

Create groups of UI components that will repeat themselves through the project, make global changes.

developer handoff with view mode
Design hand-off

Developers have view-mode that allows them to see exact measurements, CSS and all the assets within the system.

export all ui documentation
UI documentation

All of the documentation on the prototype can be exported with a single click for optimal sharing abilities.

test designs on real devices or in browser
Test your designs

Watch your prototype in action on several devices or browsers and avoid nasty surprises down the road.

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