10 web app design templates to simplify your web app design process

March 08, 2023
Web app design templates by Justinmind

There really is no faster way to get started than using a pre-designed web app template that you can tailor to your taste.

We’ve collected 10 templates so that you can create the perfect web application. With intuitive design and built-in interactions, our web app templates can help you tackle the basics of your web application design.

Everything from the basic structure to the smallest layout details can be easily customized to more advanced elements, and styled to suit your app’s look and feel with the Justinmind UI design tool.

Choose a template and start a brand new web app today

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Take advantage of these great designs that the professionals at Justinmind have crafted just for you! 

Let’s explore this wide list of web app design templates and get inspired to kick start your design process right away!

10 web app templates for your next project

1. Task management dashboard

Our template shows a task management dashboard, but this web app template is ideal for any product or service where organizing content and information is crucial for its users. It includes 2 screens with a vertical navigation bar and search bar to easily guide users through the app. What stands out is its color palette, which helps provide visual cues and focuses on clear data visualization.

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task management web app design template from Justinmind

2. Vertical navigation sales dashboard

This template offers you a layout with a left-side navigation bar with the essential menu categories, including settings, user profile, home, information overview as well as an analytics and a comments category. The design of this template is perfect to get started and will allow you to easily grow it without losing any structure. It is an excellent option for users that need easy access to the main navigation menu, and to provide an overview of different sets of information.

Download the template.

Sales dashboard design template with vertical navigation

3. Beauty products online store

This wellness web app template includes a Homepage with a horizontal split screen, a beautiful color palette and a typeface that establishes a clear visual hierarchy. This design also includes attractive CTA buttons to complete key actions, a customer testimonial section, and a large footer with social icons. It is a flexible multipurpose screen can be customized to build the perfect web app.

Download the template.

Wellness and beauty products online store template

4. Trip planning store

This template is perfect for any web app product or service. With an easy navigational structure, this template offers a layout with to the point information.  The navigation bar simply includes a logo and a CTA, and the next section of the screen is split into an image and a content block with text and a button to showcase key information. All cards can be easily adapted to display just about anything! This layout also brings a logo wall, perfect to display partners or clients, and a testimony space, which follows a carousel display.

Download the template.

trip planning web app design template

5. Smart home dashboard

Acting as a central user interface to control all features your web app has to offer, this design allows the user to interact with all their smart devices and features intuitively. The dashboard layout allows you to present key content at a glance and allows the user to visualize information clearly. Don’t hesitate to tailor this template beyond a smart home web app for an amazing web app design of any type.

Download the template.

smart home web app template example

6. Vegan cooking app

This interactive web app design template has an attractive UI that is easy to use and has all the features you need for an effective user experience. With 4 linked screens for a complete user experience, this template includes: a homepage with a select menu, a cards page with a grid that shows recipes by the categories previously selected, a header module for a featured recipe and a final description module for the complete recipe. This clear and solid space is effective to combine any variety of images and written content.

Download the template.

Cooking web app design template

7. Video streaming app

In this web app design you’ll find a simple yet complete layout that outlines all the must-have features you’d expect in a video streaming app. With a beautiful color gradient and a grid layout for an optimal viewing experience. The screen is divided into different content blocks that you can customize to your design goals.

Download the template.

Video streaming we app template example

8. Custom bikes store

This 3-screen web app template will save you a lot of time and will serve as a great template for your online eCommerce store. What you’ll find in this template: a landing page with a featured product, a detailed product description page, and an easy to navigate carousel page perfect to fit in products or group any related content. Just add animation and you’re ready to go!

Download the template.

custom online store design template bike example

9. Flower bouquet online store

This versatile web app template comes with 4 screens, with a variety of background styles as well as multiple layouts that work perfectly together. First you are welcome with a user-friendly landing page, then you’ve got a stylish onboarding section, followed by the web app’s home dashboard –including an intuitive and dynamic side menu and an image grid. Finally a last screen for product quick view. Flexible enough to create any type of web app that needs an immersive user experience.

Download the template.

online flower shop web app design template

10. Web builder web app

A minimalist and casual design for a user-centric web app that could do just about anything. This template offers a variety of designs, including a dark themed option. Each option provides a high quality experience with different background layouts that you can adapt to your design goals. With testimonial cards, featured images and a perfect use of white space, colors and typeface you can take this template any way you want to go.

Download the template.

web builder web app design template

The Warp up

Templates will not only save you tons of time, they can also serve as inspiration to get started or help you come up with new ideas of how to structure your design. Using a web app template will also help you achieve and optimize your design goals.

Once you have selected a template, you can start customizing the look of your web app, remember that with Justinmind it doesn’t really matter which template you start with since you’ll be able to add/remove, tweak, and change everything you see!

Gabriela Paiz
Social media management and content writer for Justinmind.