Start a prototype from Adobe assets

Import from Photoshop, Illustrator or Adobe XD

Import from Photoshop

Create a stunning visual design in your favorite editor, and import into Justinmind with a simple click. Your work will be waiting for you in the prototype!

Starting from Illustrator assets

Import your vector files from Illustrator into Justinmind for further customization. By combining two powerful tools, you can design a prototype that not only passes usability tests but also impresses users with meaningful interactions and beautiful visuals.

Design hi-fi prototypes from Adobe XD

Simply download the plug-in and enjoy having all your layers from Adobe XD converted into individual elements and components in the prototype. Shapes will remain shapes and all text will be editable. Justinmind gives you complete freedom and total control over your prototype design!

Prototype with adobe xd visuals in justinmind

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