Justinmind keyboard shortcuts



  Mac Windows
Cut X CtrlX
Copy C CtrlC
Paste V CtrlV
Duplicate DorOptionClick & Drag CtrlDorAltClick & Drag
Delete DeleteorBack­space DeleteorBack­space
Undo Z CtrlZ
Redo ShiftZ CtrlY
Select All A CtrlA
Activate zoom tool Z Z
Activate copy styles tool ShiftF ShiftF
Activate copy events tool ShiftOptionF AltShiftF
Find F CtrlF
Exit Q AltF4
New N CtrlN
Open O CtrlO
Save S CtrlS
Save As ShiftS CtrlShiftS
Close W CtrlW

Selection and Drawing


  Mac Windows
Select Tool V V
Direct Selection Tool A A
Pen Tool P P
Slice Tool S S
Rectangle R R
Ellipse E E
Line L L
Text T T
Image I I
Button B B
Hotspot H H
Input Text Field F F
Dynamic Panel D D
Pan SpaceDrag SpaceDrag
Add elements to a selection ShiftSelect the element ShiftSelect the element
Insert into a container (panel, table…) While dragging the element over While dragging the element overCtrl
Resize proportionally While resizingShift While resizingShift
Resize from center While resizingAlt While resizingAlt
Restricting movement to an axis While dragging the elementShift While dragging the elementShift
Move selected element 1px Arrow keys Arrow keys
Move selected element 10px Arrow keysShift Arrow keysShift
Temporarily disable snapping to allow free positioning While dragging the element While dragging the elementCtrl



  Mac Windows
Preview W W
Scroll up Mouse wheel up Mouse wheel up
Scroll down Mouse wheel down Mouse wheel down
Zoom in CtrlMouse wheel upor+ CtrlMouse wheel uporCtrl+
Zoom out CtrlMouse wheel downor CtrlMouse wheel downorCtrl
Zoom to fit all 1 Ctrl1
Zoom to 100% 0 Ctrl0
Rulers R CtrlR
Grid Ctrl
Snap to grid Shift CtrlShift
Smart guides ShiftU CtrlShiftU
Measure to selection Option Alt



  Mac Windows
Simulate ShiftP F5
Save Canvas as image ShiftI F8
View on device ShiftD F4

Text formatting


  Mac Windows
Bold B CtrlB
Italic I CtrlI
Underline U CtrlU
Center align OptionE CtrlAltE
Left align OptionL CtrlAltL
Right align OptionR CtrlAltR



  Mac Windows
Group G CtrlG
Ungroup ShiftG CtrlShiftG
Lock K CtrlK
Unlock ShiftK CtrlShiftK
Flip path horizontal ShiftH ShiftH
Flip path vertical ShiftV ShiftV
New event ShiftE CtrlShiftE


Note: select two or more elements on the Canvas to use alignment options. Select three or more elements to use distribute options.
  Mac Windows
Bring to front Shift CtrlShift
Bring to back Shift CtrlShift
Bring forward Ctrl
Send backward Ctrl
Align left Option CtrlAlt
Align right Option CtrlAlt
Align center OptionC CtrlAltC
Align top Option CtrlAlt
Align middle OptionM CtrlAltM
Align bottom Option CtrlAlt
Distribute vertically OptionV CtrlAltV
Distribute horizon­tally OptionH CtrlAltH



  Mac Windows
New comment ShiftC CtrlShiftC
New require­ment ShiftR CtrlShiftR
Export to HTML ShiftH F7



  Mac Windows
New Screen S S
New Decision D D
New Action A A
New Note N N
New Image I I
New Connection C C